Clovetree started with a few knitting patterns published online.

A few knitting patterns became a few more.  This was followed by some felted pieces.  Soon after this I used my skill at the spinning wheel to start making some yarns.  I still mostly sold at Craft Markets and events - taking my spinning wheel along to show those interested just how it works.  How wool is turned into yarn, and how yarn is knitted to make a jumper, scarf hat... 

  Well, to make a long story short....  Before I knew it, I had a home full of wool, and I was buying fleeces straight from the farm, washing, carding, dyeing and making wool yarn.  This very soon became art yarn.  I am also dabbling in silk production - just a little bit for my yarns.  I will definitely expand this when I have a spare moment.

I also teach knitting and spinning classes where I share my skill and hope to inspire you to make many lovely new things to express your personal style - you can book at