Things to do with Art yarns:simple patterns and ideas

November 5, 2014
Most art yarns lend themselves to embellishing a project, or to make an accessory.  The reason for this is often their bulk - and the fact that a 1 - 3 wpi yarn can be quite short.  There's only so much space on a bobbin to fit such a chunky yarn.

Cowl Pattern

For a very simple yet highly individual cowl that is so warm and cosy.  All you need is a super bulky art yarn - choose one that is 1 - 4 wpi (uber chunky) and it needs to be at least 9 yards long.
You also need a pair of knitting needles - biggest you can find.  I use size 15 - 20mm.

Cast on 3, 4 or 5 stitches. (you only need 3 sts for a 1 - 2 wpi yarn)  
Knit every row (garter stitch) until you're yarn is nearly finished.
Cast off

Now find a huge button or two.  Be creative!  And make sure that the button will be a close fit between the stitches.  A toggle type works particularly well.
Sew your button(s) to one end of the long rectangle, wrap the cowl around your neck and fasten.

Super chic in 20 minutes!
And know that you have made a wonderful unique item.  There aren't often repeats in art yarns.  Their individual nature is part of what makes them so special.


Spinning and the Weather

October 13, 2014
Yep, it is definitely Autumn.  The wind howls today, and I've been watching the leaves blow past my window as I sat at my spinning wheel.  
I love making art yarns, and generally, that is what I usually make.  However, there's such a misconception about art yarns in general.  They require a  lot of skill, and a whole variety of skill too.  To make a good art yarn with structural integrity as well as a good aesthetic takes a good few years of practice. 
To prove a point with regard to my spinnin...
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