Spinning and the Weather

Posted by Lizette Venter on Monday, October 13, 2014 Under: Spinning yarn
Yep, it is definitely Autumn.  The wind howls today, and I've been watching the leaves blow past my window as I sat at my spinning wheel.  
I love making art yarns, and generally, that is what I usually make.  However, there's such a misconception about art yarns in general.  They require a  lot of skill, and a whole variety of skill too.  To make a good art yarn with structural integrity as well as a good aesthetic takes a good few years of practice. 
To prove a point with regard to my spinning skill, I'm busy spinning up a lace yarn that I will be plying to make a 4 ply yarn.  For socks, shawls or .... well you know, just about anything really.
Except when I started out I sat down at my Majacraft, rather than my traddie, and man, the bobbin on the Majacraft is huge.  And I'm stubborn, so darn it, I'm going to fill that bobbin!  I'm nearly there, but in desperation, I've been carding up loads of art batts for some yarns, because I am so impatient to work with colour an texture.  (My lace is from some un-dyed Jacobs).  Ok, now I have to add, that it is also uncarded, so the drafting requires more care than usual.  I'm spinning on the fold, so I'm not cutting corners with this yarn.
Nearly there.
And the wind is still howling.  
A little bit of joy from receiving a parcel with a gorgeous little Snyder Spindle in it.  It spins super fine, beautifully balanced action.  And of course, yes it is pretty.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow, it's a bit late for photo's right now.  With some luck, and only a little bit of sleep, I might have a finished lace yarn.  I wonder how many meters I've spun.

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